AngryMiner is a simple but
powerful system for managing miners
We can help you to profit
and increase your earnings without much effort.
To whom it can be useful
Scale payback

If you own a computer club, office, data center or farm, you probably want to monetize a computer park.

Working with us you don’t have to worry about connecting each individual device to the process.

Experienced pros

You already have some experience in mining, and understand what configurations your equipment needs and have specific requests for profitability.

Using AM is able to help you save time and money on setting up and researching a profitable currency.

Quick start

The sphere of mining is filled with a lot of subtleties and nuances: a large number of terms, selection of equipment, calculating the profitable currency...

You won’t need training and long preparation to start earning with us.

Advantages of work with us
Our client allows you to work on machines, ranging from a home computer to small farms and whole data centers.
Quick estimation
In contrast to our competitors we have a central repository of video cards and we make an estimation from common benchmarks first. Only after this, we evaluate it on each particular machine.
We monitor the state of the crypto market and an exchange rate in real-time and choose the most profitable coin to mine.
Other similar services require a lot of attention and more time to configure them. Angry Miner is easy to install and manage. Just download the client and start work right after installation.
Our software can work 24/7/365 with zero human intervention. Any possible issues will be solved by Angry Miner automatically.
Stable income
The ability to get payment in bitcoins from once a day. The minimum payment size starts from 0.001 BTC.
Wide range of opportunities for work
Most profitable currencies
Dual mining
In action
How does it work
You should register on the site and go to your personal web-office, where you can download the installation file.
After a successful installation, you will see an indicator in the web office that the computer is connected and started to work.
From the moment of installation, the miner will work when system is in idle state. The number of earned will be displayed in the web office, and all you need to request a payment is to enter your payment account and receive money.
Platforms and currencies
For all types of mining
We have developed the software available on the most popular platforms and chosen the most profitable cryptocurrency for mining.